Starlink Installations in Kettlewell

Starlink Installation Kettlewell, £200.00 fixed fee, The Starlink Guys
Here we have an installation of Starlink carried out by Andy and Ethan for a remote farm suffering from poor services from BT and needed some improvement due to running a couple of buisiness in the cabin at back of property.
We first of all installed the Starlink dish up on the gable end of the barn using a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast with the cable routed down into the lounge area, the router was set up and speeds were coming in at 270mbs so happy with that.
We then ran a CAT 6cable from the lounge approx 80meters away along the gutter line and eventually into the ports cabin at the back, this was fed into a Wi-Fi hotspot and speeds of 200mbs were coming down, so much better than the BT 2mbs.
For more info or to book an installation in Kettlewell or surrounding areas feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Lancaster

Starlink Installation Lancaster. Fixed price £200.00
Here is a new Installation of Starlink carried out by Andy and Ethan in Glasson Dock just outside Lancaster.
Customer initially contacted us to install a GSM outdoor antenna as he's just moved in and couldn't live with 2mbs off BT also by the looks of it the mobile networks were going to be terrible as well, we mentioned Starlink as he never heard of if and set about and ordered it.
All arrived within a week and booked an installation, fitted the dish up on a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast with cable routed down to the lounge and fed through wall with socket installed speeds were coming in at 200mbs so one very satisfied customer.
For a fixed price installation of Starlink in Lancaster or surrounding area feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Wigan

Starlink Installation Wigan.
Here we have a new Installation of Starlink in Standish, Wigan carried out by Andy and Ethan.
Customer had just had this house built but the promise of a fantastic 15mbs from BT wasn't quite true with a realistic speed of 5mbs and nothing was going to change, virgin was a no go and the mobile network just the same.
Customer rang for advice and then ordered the system which arrived within a week and arranged an installation.
The Starlink dish was fitted onto the gable end using our standard galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast cable routed following the ridge line and cable fed into the office, speeds were up at 220 mbs.
Customer is ordering TP Link X55 mesh network which will throw signal around the property so one very happy customer of ours and Starlink.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Mobberley

Starlink Installation in Mobberley.
Here we have a new Starlink Installation fitted in Mobberley by Andy and Ethan.
Customer was struggling with Internet and trying to cover quite a large property with slow speeds, BT offering 2mbs and gsm connection from 02 of 10mbs on a good day so things needed to change as he works from home and the children were starting to use the little remaining bandwidth for gaming etc.
He contacted us for some advice before ordering and then made the decision and put the order in which arrived within a couple of days.
We arranged a visit and fitted the starlink on a galvanised wall bracket and routed his cable into his office alongside the old 02 system, speeds were coming in at 200mbs so one happy customer.
For more info or to book an installation in Mobberley feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Tarporley

Starlink Installation Tarporley.
Here we a Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Cotebrook just outside Tarporley.
Customer had only been in the property for a couple of weeks and was struggling with a 4mbs connection and a very unstable mobile connection through a gsm router so ordered the Starlink and booked us in for an installation.
The house was a tricky installation for Starlink as was a bungalow that was surrounded by trees, tried using the app with plenty of obstructions, luckily customer did however had a chimney stack so on checking there just a slight obstruction with one birch tree which he is going to remove.
Dish was fitted on a cradle and lashing bracket with alloy and galvanised to make sure it will last, cable fed to the lounge with router installed. Also customer had bought from John Lewis so the message of no active account
Happy customer with the install all for a fixed fee of £200.00.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Knutsford

Starlink installation Knutsford.
Here we have a Starlink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Knutsford for a remote barn conversion that had a whopping 2 mbs off BT and decided that he needed something a bit faster.
The house was an old long barn with very thick internal walls so first of all he needed a decent speed, he ordered starlink which was fitted up on a gable end using a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast with cable fed into the lounge speeds up at 200mbs so very happy with that.
A Cat 6 external run approx 40 meters to the far end of building was run with a rj45 socket fitted. We installed the tp link deco X55 system which worked fantastic giving about 190 mbs over the wired connection and 150 mbs off the wireless X55 fitted between the 2.
All in all good system with great Coverage of WiFi and great speeds throughout.
For more info or to book get in touch.

Starlink Installation Buxton

Starlink Installation Buxton.
Fixed price of £200.00
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Buxton Derbyshire.
Customer was just a week from moving in and had done some research on Internet at his new home but found out the offering from BT etc was not enough for his work needs as so had gone along with Starlink after a bit of assurance from us on the phone that it was a stable internet platform.
He ordered the equipment and we arranged an installation a week before he moved in so he would have working internet for work when he moved in. We installed the dish out of the way up on the chimney at the customers request to the chimney isn't active, speeds were up at 280mbs so very impressive and best we have seen.
We also set his wireless TP Link x50 mesh system up to give coverage around the property and even achieving 240mbs on the other side of house.
Very good setup and one very happy customer.
For more info or to book in an installation in Buxton or surrounding area feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Bolton By Bowland

Starlink Installation Bolton by Bowland.
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Bolton by Bowland on the outskirts of Clitheroe in the beautiful Ribble Valley.
Client in this case was struggling with a BT copper line of 5 mbs which in a lot of cases is ok but this went into a mesh network with 3 nodes so at the furthest reaches virtually nothing.
He contacted us for some advice on starlink and decided it was going to be his best solution, he ordered the system along with ethernet adapter which duly arrived within a week and we booked an installation.
We fitted up on a gable with alloy mast and galvanised brackets with cable routed and drilled through a meter thick wall and brush socket fitted.
Very happy customer with 314 mbs download speeds best we have seen so far, looks like speeds on the way up.
For more info or to book an installation in the Ribble valley feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Macclesfield

Starlink Installation Macclesfield.
Here we have a customer that lived in a very remote location in Macclesfield Forest who try’s to run a business from home with no phone and the only internet was through a sim router with 5 mbs at best.
Customer had ordered Starlink and had it running in the garden for a few weeks to see if it was good enough and was getting approx 120 mbs which will only get better over time.
He contacted us to do a more permanent installation up on the chimney out of the way this was carried out by Andy and Ethan using a heavy duty cradle and strong alloy mast nice and tidy installation, the cable was routed to the clients office.
They now want a full Mesh backhauled system installing due to the thick walls also a wireless bridge putting in to facilitate a couple of cottage properties they have, another job for another day.
For more info or to discuss your starlink needs feel free to get in touch.

Home Mesh Installation Skelmersdale

Here we have an installation in Skelmersdale to help a customer who had run out of ideas with his network at home.
The current setup was a Sky router in the hall way with a cable running into a 12 way Ethernet switch and Ethernet cables running through the house and under the carpets etc. In the master bedroom to ethernets ran under the carpet and another 2 to other rooms one which had a repeater plugged in.
Downstairs set up was 2 Ethernet cables running under the carpet and laminate floor to the main Tv in the lounge so it could be hardwired.
The customer had run away with it all and was fed up with the situation and contacted us to resolve the mess even behind the lounge TV was a dead spot with no Wi-Fi.
The problem with this type of situation is that is easy to get carried away buying all these different types of Wi-Fi repeaters etc and internet over the mains etc. Each device will have its own SSID and password and when moving around connections get lost.
The true answer is to get rid of it all and install a mesh system with one password and one network, the downside with mesh networks is again they rely on Wi-Fi repeating and using a channel for this process, in this case the Wi-Fi wouldn’t reach 5 meters to behind the customers TV due the design of the walls.
Most clever Mesh systems such as in this case the TP Link Deco S7 has the facility to backhaul so each node is connected over Cat6 cable to eliminate the dead zones.
The installation was simplified to 3 Deco units with one being the master node wired into the Sky router from there into a 5 way Ethernet switch and 2 short ethernets into the RJ45 double socket. From the socket we hard wired 2 cat 6 cables around the outside of the property and one into the bedroom and one to the lounge and terminated with another RJ45 socket to make a more permanent installation. The 2 remaining Deco nodes were fitted and plugged into the sockets to create a Backhauled Mesh Network.
The result was three cat 6 connected nodes with no dead zones and one very capable Wi-Fi network with one username and password so no dropouts. Also each node can take up to another 2 Ethernet devices like his playstion 5 and TV so all hard wired over CAT 6 so no latency issues.
The router on the window ledge was how the customer wanted it and he was made up with it all.
One happy couple now and no tripping over the wires.
For more info

Home Network Installation Stockport

Home Network, Mesh installation Stockport.
Here we have an installation by Andy and Ethan in Stockport to help a client out with their ongoing network issues at home.
The customer and his wife both worked from home and lived in a quite large detached house and with 2 children both teenagers who played online gaming plus streaming from TVs all over a choked single Wi-Fi hub supplied by Virgin offering a max of 150mbs at the hub. The main problem was latency due to the gaming plus all other streaming devices and speeds dropped due to being over Wi-Fi through walls etc. He could have tried repeaters etc not the best solution in this case as again the drop in speeds with repeated Wi-Fi. He contacted us for a solution and we offered him a hard wired Cat 6 installation with fixed RJ45 sockets.
We arrived at the property and assesed the best positions for the RJ45 sockets and to be were they would work the best. We installed a 4 way Cat 6 socket with 4 Cat 6 cables fed out together and routed externally to the other entry points where another single RJ45 socket was fitted. We installed one socket in the 2 teenagers rooms so they can plug their games consoles directly into a network, then one socket in the office offering a secure connection to the network for work and the other socket fitted into the lounge for the TV.
The customer was very happy with the installation and will cure all the network issues he had in the office over the LAN connection he was getting the same speed as direct to the router. He in the future is going to add some TP Link S7 mesh nodes which will allow a full house mesh network which is backhauled and all connected over a wired connection freeing up more bandwidth on the mesh network allowing max speeds.
For more info feel free to get in touch.

Starlink Installation Clitheroe

Starlink Installation Clitheroe.

Here we have a new installation of Starlink in Clitheroe Lancashire by Andy and Ethan.
The customer lived a remote area close to Bolton by Bowland and only recently moved in both ran their own business from home but were struggling with a BT 2mbs so ordered Starlink as part of the month trial.
The dish was set up in the garden to see if did the job which was bang on with speeds of 250mbs.
They decided to get the dish mounted permanently on a chimney which we installed a double cradle as needed to get some height above the log burner flu, cable routed to office and speeds up to 250mbs.
The other problem with the property were all walls were solid 1 meter walls the client had the starlink mesh nodes sent free by Starlink but the Wi-Fi couldn’t pass through one wall so impossible to get a mesh network.
The solution was to use a Deco mesh system of 3 nodes fed over cat6 to wall sockets to the locations where Wi-Fi would be ideal one into another office room upstairs one into a dining room and another run under the gravel path to the gym.
All worked fantastic and Wi-Fi everywhere one very happy client.
This is where starlink comes into its own for a first class Starlink installation or Home Network Installation feel free to get in touch.

Home Network Installation Bury

We were called by a client in Walshaw Bury who lived in a large property who suffered with issues with WiFi struggling to get round the property using various repeaters.
The customer had teenagers who used the Internet to play games and streaming tvs etc plus they worked from home so zoom calls were being done so the 100 mbs were a bit of struggle.
We installed a mesh back hauled system using Deco mesh but again with the size of the property the drop in speeds as a wifi only mesh is a problem.
We fitted the first deco from the router and into a network switch then hardwired over cat6 to the other 5 rooms where the other deco nodes were installed giving 100mbs all hotspots and all can hardwired to play stations etc as each deco has 2 spare Ethernet connections.
For more info head over to our page

Starlink Burnley

Starlink installation Burnley.
Here we have the first installation of 2023 in Cliviger Burnley and what a challenge.
First was the location the weather was blowing gale force winds throughout and torrential rain along with it.
The house was on a remote but exposed hillside outside Burnley with the only internet being a 4g ee router with 10mbs on a good day although the transmitter was off all over Xmas .
We managed to install the Starlink up on the gable but not on the apex just to try and keep it slightly sheltered routed into the lounge through a 3 foot thick wall.
The property had a 3 mesh system but again struggled getting through internal walls so we may be going back to hard white with Cat 6.
Very happy customer after being quoted £900.00 off one of the nationals.
For more info Andy or Ethan 07534524684

Starlink Installation Wigan

Starlink Installation Wigan.

Here is an installation carried out in Wigan, Lancashire.
The customer was fed up with poor speeds offered from BT with no more than 14mbs at the best and no other solution.
He made the choice of Starlink and decided to set it up in the garden himself to see if it would do enough for his needs. He was achieving speeds of 250mbs and was happy so made temporary installation and fed the cable under the back door and shut the door on the cable as seen in the picture, the dish still worked ok.
We came to install the dish in permanent location on the chimney and found the damaged cable but luckily after a bit of care managed to reinstall through the wall without any further damage. Speeds back up to 250mbs.
If you want your Starlink installed professionally then feel free to get in touch for a fixed price installation. If you proceed to do a DIY installation be careful it’s expensive equipment.
High Gain TV Aerials

If you need a High TV Aerial fitting you have come to the right place.

High gain TV Aerials are fitted in situations where tv reception is reduced such as trees or tall buildings and when you live in an area that is a long distance from transmitter.

However some companies out there will try to over sell you an aerial and charge extravagant amounts of money, also creating problems of having too much signal.

TV Aerials need approx 45 - 70 dB anything above that will overload your tuner and may cause your pictures to break up if in doubt head over to our website for some answers.

4G Mobile TV Aerial Interference

If you are experiencing break up of channels especially if you have a tv aerial that isn't that old it maybe 4g interference.

4g interfence is caused by the close proximity of the Digital TV aerial frequencies and mobile phone masts.

If you live near a mobile phone mast that is transmitting on similar frequencies this could be your problem usually notice the breakup and the busy times of the day early and tea time onwards.

If you need more information head over to our website

Multiroom TV Aerials

if you are in need of more than one tv aerial fitting we can run multiple points from one Digital TV aerial.

If you have a look around your street you will find most houses have a mast up with 3 or 4 aerials overloading the one mast. Not only is that dangerous with the weight it is also unsightly to look at.

We can install a Digital TV aerial system 4 up to 6 rooms all running the cables up the roof to an outdoor splitter or external masthead amplifier.

Signals after the switchover a few years ago were increased so it is now much easier to split.

However when we split your aerial you will loose a certain amount of signal. We can usually tell you over the phone by going off your postcode how many points we can do off the one aerial.

When we split a signal it doesn't halve the signal a 2 way splitter will loose 4 dB and a 4 way splitter will loose 8db as long as you keep the signal above 45db no problem.


If you are looking for a quality Digital TV Aerial installation for Eccles look no further than Aerial-Tek.

We offer fixed price installations quoted over the phone.

Single room tv aerial fitted for 75.00 complete.

2 rooms 100.00

3 rooms 130.00

4 rooms 160.00

All new installations carried out by Aerial-tek come with a 2 yr warranty.

Have a look around our website at the quality of our work

Cheers Andy


If you are looking for a multiroom Digital TV aerial installation in Hoghton look no further than Aerial-Tek number one for fixed price tv aerials and multiroom installations quoted and fixed over the phone.

Multiroom TV Aerial installation Bolton

If you are looking for a Digital TV aerial installation in Bolton for multiple rooms look no further than Aerial-tek offering fixed price installations on all work and quoted over the phone.



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Chorley Aerial Services

If you live in the Chorley area and are after a quality tv aerial fitter then look no further than Aerial-Tek.

I have been installing TV Aerials in and around the chorley area for 15 yrs and have excellent knowledge of the area so i offer a fixed price TV Aerial installation over the phone, all my work is on my website for you to see with pictures of our work showing the quality of my installs.

I offer installation for Freeview,BT Vision, EE or Youview.

 The TV aerials we use are all LTE Filtered aerials to eliminate the 4g problem in certain areas we use quality Digital Aerials from SAC such as the MZR 12 TV Aerial fully installed for £75.00 or if signal is an issue we use Triax Unix 32 element aerials fully installed for £95.00 complete have a look at my aerial page for more information.

If you are after a Multiroom TV aerial installation then we offer 2 rooms from new for £100.00, 3 rooms for £130,00 or 4 rooms £160.00 complete more rooms can be added if you wish for more than the 4 then give me a ring i explain the options from there.

 For Freesat fitters look no further we offer installs of Freesat Satellite dishes for single feed twin cable installs for Recorders, or if you live in a poor area for reception in Chorley, such as Withnell then a Freesat dish fed to all the rooms is an option,

 Sky satellite can be covered by us if its a dish installation up out of the way on your chimney, no problem if sky are giving you the run around of health and safety or no line of sight 99% of the time this can be done.

 If you want a home distribution of Freeview and Sky around the home get in touch i will quite happily talk through the options and give you a quotation for it.

We distribute your Sky or Virgin Media box to all rooms allowing you control from any room.

Tv installation is another service we offer from simple mounting tv on wall to more complex fitting with hidden cables etc.

 If you need Networking over Cat 5 or CCTV installs we can do it for you.

For all your TV Services Aerial-Tek have it covered what have you to loose forget the national companies with those inflated prices whos dont have the knowledge of the Chorley area.

Get in touch.


TV Aerial & Satellite Stockport

TV Aerial & Satellite Stockport

If you are looking for a TV Aerial fitter in the Stockport area you have arrived at the Number one company offering fixed price Digital TV Aerial installation.

Welcome to Aerial-Tek offering a first class TV Aerial and Satellite installation without the hidden extras i offer fixed price quotations over the phone and will not be beaten for like to like installations all m work is on my website with examples of what you get for your money take to time to have a look before you make your decision.

All Freeview, Youview, BT Vision and EE require a Digital TV Aerial for there live services.

Stockport is approx 20 miles from the transmitter site of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton, when it comes to tuning your television we recommend you do this manually by doing this you will eliminate interference from wales etc, to tun manually first of all remove the tv aerial from television and do an auto tune once this is done your tv will have no memory stored, now follow the manual tune of your tv and tune in the following frequencies, HD  CH 31, 54,    DTV  49,50,55,58,59 job done no wales.

Digital TV aerial installation for 1 room complete is £75.00 complete using a quality mzr 12 Digital TV Aerial on heavy duty chimney or wall bracket pole plus new downlead head over to my website for more information.

Multiroom TV Aerial installation is again fixed price with a 2 room installation complete for £100.00 or a 3 room for £130.00 and 4 rooms for £160.00 if you need more signal then adding a 32 element aerial for an extra £20.00 is added, if signals are not very good where you live we can use masthead amplifiers instead of splitters upto 6 rooms from one tv aerial in a bad area. For more complex tv aerial installations feel free to get in touch.

For more complex Distribution around the home we can feed sky or virgin around to as many rooms as you require all from the one box eliminating extra subscriptions with facilities of turning over from the other rooms with Freeview fed around also, the new sky boxes have no rf in them and adding the io link will cure this.

Freesat dishes can be installed from more channels than on Freeview from simple installs to one room to more complex cabling with satellite in all rooms.


Sky installations although Sky does most of the installs these days there are many issues of dish location regarding health and safety or no line you know the experience so if you need help installing on chimney etc feel free to get in touch.

If you are in doubt about installing your new smart yourself or require it mounting to a wall we can do this for you as well from simple hanging tv to running cables into trunking or more complex channeling wall out and re-plastering.

For networking solutions around the home on cat5 or hdmi distribution it can all be carried out by Aerial-Tek.

Feel free to get in touch.


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TV Aerials & Satellite Skelmersdale

TV Aerial & Satellite Skelmersdale

Welcome to Aerial-Tek covering the Skelmersdale area offering quality Digital TV Aerial & Satellite installations.

Skelmersdale is located approx 24 Miles from the Digital TV Transmitter of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton, your tuning frequencies from this transmitter are H.D. CH 31,54,   DTV 49,50,55,58,59 we always recommend that you manually tune your tv this will stop the interference from the welsh transmitter, easy to do remove tv aerial from television then do auto tune your tv will find no channels then insert tv aerial follow your manual tuning of tv and input the frequencies above.

Reception from Skelmersdale can be good to difficult for Winter Hill due to it being located behind a hill and reception as you get closer can be a challenge, if you are not sure get in touch and we can give you a more precise costing of aerial installation that will work,

Our services include,

Basic TV Aerial installation with a single room tv aerial install at £75.00 to a more powerful 32 element aerial fully installed for £95.00 complete follow this link for details on our website.

Multiroom TV Aerial installation for 2,3 or 4 rooms as standard prices £100.00 2 rooms, £120.00 3 rooms and £160.00 4 rooms add an extra £20.00 for a more powerful 32 element, if however you have difficulty where you are adding a masthead amplifier instead of masthead splitter gains an extra 25db.

Multiroom distribution from one Sky or cable tv allowing that box to be viewed in all rooms without the need of extra subscriptions and the facility of turning it over from the other room as well as distributing Freeview to all tvs.

Freesat installations are carried by Aerial-Tek as well with a straightforward dish installation to more complex wiring to more than the one room.

Sky dish installations tv link systems we do it all, if sky have been out and come up with the health and safety excuse or no line of sight we can help.

Television installation can be a daunting task for a lot of our customers if you wish us to hang your tv or install on a wall or more complex installs with hidden cables then get in touch.

If its networking you need or hdmi distribution over cat5 etc or cctv we can carry out all this for as well.

Aerial-tek offer a fixed price tv aerial fitting price quoted over the phone examples of my work or on my website for you to see, we fit tv aerials for Freeview, BT Vision, EE and Youview.

Thanks and get in touch Andy from Aerial-tek

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Aerial-Tek Coverage and services


Aerial-tek is the North West leading TV Aerial & Satellite installer.

We cover the North West of England including Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Tameside and Cheshire on a Daily basis.

We are probably the only company in this region that offers a fixed price quotation service over the phone, with my 25 yrs in the business I know all the areas and all the problems associated with them, if i miss quote you which does happen on the odd occasion its me that foots the bill.

Our Digital TV Aerial installations for a single room from new for £75.00 complete all on chimney lashing mounts or wall brackets if needed if no chimney, i don t fit to wooden or plastic soffits  due to the damage that causes. For multiroom installations a 2 room typical installation is £100. 00 complete 3 rooms £130.00 complete and 4 rooms £160.00 complete have a look at my website by following these links for more info.

For Bt Vision boxes we always recommend having a new TV Aerial due to the weak tuners in the boxes and these are prone to break up on the old type of grouped Tv Aerial. For You View TV Aerial fitting much the same problem as a the boxes are clones of each other. There are now services such as EE Television that also require an aerial connection. 

New Builds usually come pre-wired to the loft or other area here we fit a new Digital TV Aerial to a splitter or amplifier to distribute to all points, sometimes we can fit the aerial in the loft so no blemish to your new home although this can depend on many factors such as construction of home and line of sight to the transmitter get in touch for more info.

The main transmitter for the North West region is winter hill located on the outskirts of Bolton this is a very High powered transmitter that covers as far south as Stoke on Trent to the pennines of sadlleworth area as far North as Clitheroe and all the West coast, however with Lancashire area being hilly there are a lot of no coverage areas from Winter Hill these are then served by local relay stations offering a Freeview Lite service if in doubt have a look at my website or get in touch.

For Freesat services and installs we offer a fixed price installation of dishes with single cable options or twin cable for Freesat recorders or if you do live in a poor Tv Aerial area why not go for Freesat in all rooms for more info on channels and pricings follow this link to my website.

Sky installations are no mostly carried out by Sky themselves but the main issues is Sky engineers will follow the strict Health and Safety but sometimes its a good get out clause for them, if you want your Sky satellite dish installing in a more difficult place such as chimney etc or Sky said there is a no line of sight i can help 99% there is always a way to get a signal follow this link for more info.

Sky or Aerial distribution around the home is another service we can offer you, such as feeding the one Sky or Virgin box around the home without the need for extra box subscriptions, allowing you to go to bed or sit in another room and have full control over your main

TV Installation can be carried out by us from simple supply and fit of bracket to hidden cables in walls, most people look at this as a daunting task so give us a call we can help.

If its Networking you are after using cat5 etc or hdmi distribution around the home we can do this for you also TV is changing so quickly at the moment with loads more on the Horizon.

Smart TV help we are finding that a lot of customers are now buying Smart tvs without understanding what this actually means, the smart side means it connects to the internet via wifi or lan connection allowing online services such as netfilx you tube etc however the tv does still need a television aerial for live services.

High Definition Televisions, a lot of people do get confused if a tv says its hd ready then it can receive hd channels this is not the case it means it is capable of displaying hd pictures from a source, you need to look for the Freeview HD logo that means it has a tuner on board for Hd.

4G Interference is also another problem at the moment this is caused by a nearby mobile mast transmitting on channel 60 this is very close to a tv transmitting frequency of channel 59 so there can be an overlap and this can cause break up mainly on the ITV channels that are on that frequency a simple filter may work but all new Television Aerials we use have 4g filters built in so in most cases this will eliminate that problem.

For any other requirements you are after regarding  television reception or distribution feel free to get in touch all the information is on my website.

Our coverage areas are.


TV Aerial and Satellites in Radcliffe

TV Aerial & Satellite Urmston

Welcome to Aerial-Tek the home of quality Digital TV Aerial services for Urmston.

Urmston is approximately 9 miles from the Digital Transmission site of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton so reception in most cases is excellent for reception, we can offer you single point TV Aerial installs to multi-point installations from the one new Aerial have a look at my website for more information.

If you need to tune your Television we recommend that this is done manually to avoid the overlap of signals from the wales transmitter to do this get into the TV tuning menu look for the manual tune option and enter these frequencies H.D. 31,54,   DTV 49,50,55,58,59.

Here at Aerial-Tek we can offer you a first class fixed price installation service quoted over the phone for most standard installations for more complex installs get in touch and i will quite happily talk you through your options or have a look at my website for more information and examples of the quality of my work.

If you are after a Sky installation or Freesat dish we can do this for you or more complex distribution like sky TV Links fed from the one Sky box without multiroom subscriptions get in touch for more info.

TV Wall mounting is also another service Aerial-Tek carries out from simply hanging your tv to channel the wall out for no visible cables or simple supply and fit a bracket.

If its networking over cat 5 etc or cctv we can do all this for you.

All tv issues can be carried out by me get in touch we are here to help.


Chorley Aerial and Satellites

TV Aerial & Satellites in Chorley

Welcome to Aerial-Tek of Chorley we are the Number 1 company for reliable quality fitting in and around the Chorley area.

Chorley is located approx 7 miles from the transmitter site of Winter hill located on the outskirts of Bolton, if you need to tune your television in we recommend manually due to the fact it will stop interference from other transmitters mainly wales, to do this go to the manual tune on the television and tune H.D, CH 31,54,  AND 49,50,55,58,59.

The services we offer in the Chorley area are Digital TV Aerial installations for one room to multiple TV Aerial points from the one aerial this is easily done using masthead splitters due to the excellent reception from the transmitter, for all multiroom installations you require have a look at our website you will be surprised by the quality of our work and how cost affective it can be.

Other services we offer you are Freesat and Sky dish installations to more complex distribution of satellite around the home from the one Sky box no need for the Multiroom box subscriptions.

If its cctv or networking over cat5 etc we can also do this for you and do you have trouble with wifi around the home we can install a system for you as well.

Tv Wall mounting can be a daunting so let us take that hassle from you we can offer a simple fitting service to more complex installations of tvs with wall channeling out and re-plastered.

There are many new housing estates around the Chorley area we can fit quality Digital Aerials in the loft for you although many factors have to be taken into account we use meters to make sure this will work for you, the good point about having a loft mounted aerial is it will not lessen the look of your new home.

For all your TV Requirements feel free to get in contact with me.


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TV Aerial and Satellite Radcliffe

TV Aerial and Satellite installations Radcliffe

Welcome to Aerial-tek the North West leading Installer/fitter for Digital TV Aerials and Satellites.

Radcliffe is approx 12 miles from the Digital TV Transmitter of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton.

Due to the close proximity to the Transmitter Digital TV Signals are at a premium and one quality TV Aerial is capable of feeding to more than one room without the need for amplifiers etc.

There are quite a few new housing estates appearing in Radcliffe at the moment such as the Hardys Gate off Dumers lane this estate comes pre-wired and all cables run up to the loft space a quality Digital TV Aerial can be mounted in the loft to keep the appearance of the house, we have done quite a few there now all with perfect signals.

Radcliffe uses the Winter Hill transmitter and your manual tuning frequencies are CH HD 31,54,   49,50,55,58,59 if you follow the manual tuning on your TV this will eliminate the other transmitters such as wales and Ramsbottom.

For FREESAT installations or Sky issues get in touch we will quite happily explain the best options for you.

If you need your television mounting on your wall we can install that for you also.

If its networking issues with cat5/cat6 or cctv we can help.

I have over 25 yrs in the Aerial industry and offer fixed price quotations over the phone have a look at my website for more information.

Any questions feel free to get in touch.

Andy 07534 524684

[email protected]

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Aerial installation in Cheadle

If you are after tv aerial fitters for cheadle and surrounding areas look no further than Aerial-tek. Cheadle is a located approx 15 miles from the transmitter and in general reception is good so multiroom systems are quite easily done form the one TV Aerial.
Here is a 3 room new Digital TV Aerial installation fitted by me in Cheadle consisting of a Mzr 12 digital TV aerial and new chimney bracket pole and 3 way masthead splitter with 3 cables fully installed for £130.00 complete we will not be beaten like for like prices.
For all your Digital TV Aerial requirements in Cheadle, Stockport and surrounding areas feel free to get in touch. For Freesat dish fitting or any Sky issues feel free to contact me.


Urmston Tv Aerials and extra points

If you are after a Digital TV Aerial fitter in the urmston area look no further than Aerial-tek.
Here is one of our tv aerial installations fitted in urmston for 2 rooms consisting of an Mzr12 Digital TV Aerial with chimney lashing mount pole 4 way masthead splitter and 2 downleads fully fitted for £100.00 complete.
For all your Digital TV Aerial requirements in urmston, cadishead, irlam or flixton get in touch.For single points to multiple Aerial installs look no further.Digital Reception from Winter Hill is generally excellent in the Urmston and multiple points from the one Tv aerial are pretty easy



Radcliffe is situated approx 10 miles from the Digital TV Aerial transmitter site of Winter located on the outskirts of Bolton, with its close proximity to the transmitter TV Aerial reception is excelent with multiroom installations from the one TV Aerial possible without the nedd for amplifiers etc,

  Here is an example of a 4 room Digital TV Aerial installation carried out by Aerial-Tek in Radcliffe consisting of, 1x MZR12 Digital TV Aerial, 1 x Chimney lashing mount, 1 X 5 Foot Pole, 1 x 4 Way Labgear Masthead splitter and 4 Downleads the fully fitted price for this is £160.00 complete we will not be beaten for like for like installations with a new installation for 1 room at £75.00 complete.

  For a Digital TV Aerial installation for Freeview, EE, Youview or BT Vision, Freesat or Sky dish install or anything else TV related feel free to get in touch.



If you are after a TV Aerial for multirooms in the home then this can be done in a couple of different ways, if reception is good enough 2,4 or 6 way installations can be carried out off TV Aerials such as an MZR12 Aerial if reception is a bit lower then using a more powerfull Tv Aerial such as a UNIX 32 Element Aerial. However if you live in an area where reception is lower then substituting the Masthead Splitter for a Masthead Amplifier this will give you quality reception without the loss of an Aerial splitter, each leg of the Amplifier gains 25db instead of losing it, here is an example of a 32 Elememt TV Aerial using a 6 way Masthead Amplifier with 5 rooms from it.

  For multipoint TVAerial installations in the following areas feel free to get in touch.



Newton Le Willows is located approx 15 miles from the Digital TV Transmitter site of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton. Reception for TV Aerials for Newton Le Willows is usually excellent due to its flat location with an excellent line of site to Winter Hill, here is an example of a 2 room installation carried out by Aerial-Tek in Newton Le Willows consisting of. MZR12 Digital TV Aerial, 1 X 5 Foot mast, 1 x Chimney lashing kit, 1 x 2 Way Labgear Masthead Splitter and 2 Downleads, fully fitted is £100.00 complete.

 Multiple feeds from the one quality TV Aerial are easily carried out in Newton Le Willows with a Single room at £75.00, 2 rooms for £100.00, 3 rooms £130.00 and 4 rooms for £160.00 complete, we will not be beaten for like to like installations.

   For Freeview TV Aerials for EE, Youview or Bt Vision, Freesat or Sky dish installations or any Networking issues you have feel free to get in touch.



Bolton is situated very close to the Winter Hill transmitter site so in general mult room installation from the one TV Aerial is very easy, Here is a job carried out by Aerial-Tek of a 2 room Aerial installation constisting of a Heavy Duty Wall Bracket, 5 Foot Mast, 1 x Digital MZR12 TV Aerial, 1 x Labgear 4 way splitter and 2 x Downleads fully fitted for £100.00 complete.

  Here at Aerial-Tek we aim to give you a reliable and cost efficent service for all your TV Aerial & Satellite requirements, we wont be beaten on like for like installations. Have a look at our website which gives you an in depth account of our work and how it is carried out.

 For Freeview, EE, Youview or BT Vision installations Sky or Freesat dishes Networking around the home or any other TV requirements you have get in touch,



Walton Le Dale is approx 12 miles from the Winter Hill Transmission site on the outskirts of Bolton. With Walton Le Dale being so close Digital TV Aerial signals are excellent, here is an example of a job done by Aerial-tek today in Walton Le Dale, ths is a complete installation consisting of an MZR 12 Digital TV Aerial, 1x Chimney lashing kit plus chimney bracket, 5 Foot pole and 1 x downlead this is fully fitted for £75.00 complete.

 With Digital TV Aerial reception being so good a 2,3 or 4 room are quite easily done using a 4 way Labgear splitter and extra cables no amplifiers are needed so why not get rid of all those unsightly aerials clamped to the one mast and replace with one quality TV Aerial from Aerial-Tek.

 If you require an Aerial for Freeview, EE, Youview or BT Vision, or Freesat or Sky Satellite dish or any other TV issues get in touch.



Urmston is on the west outskirts of Manchester and Digital Television reception from Urmston in most parts is excellent, here is an example of a single room typical TV Aerial Installation carried out by Aerial-tek, consisting of a MZR12 Digital TV Aerial 5 foot mast new Chimney lashing mount and new downlead fully fitted for £75.00 complete all our TV Aerial installations are carried out to this specification, Urmston with it being good for reception multiple TV aerial points can be taken from the one TV Aerial using Labgear 4 way splitter from as little as £160.00 complete for a 4 room installation we wont be beaten on like for like price,

For Freeview,Youview, EE or BT Vision or Freesat or any Satellite installations you require feel free to get in touch.



Garstang is approx 30 miles from the Winter Hill Transmitter site, even with that distance TV Aerial reception for Freeview is in general very good with multi point installations being taken from the one Digital TV Aerial. Here is an example of a complete tv aerial install carried out by Aerial-Tek today consisting of a MZR12 Digital TV Aerial 6 foot mast and chimney lashing kit and new downlead all fully fitted for £75.00 complete.

 If you are after a quality TV Aerial installation for a reasonable price then get in touch.

 Or if you require a multiroom tv aerial installation for Freeview, Youview, EE or BT Vision look no further.



Altrincham is approx 16 miles from the transmitter at Winter Hill, TV Aerial reception for this area in general is pretty good. Here is an example of a 2 room aerial system fitted today by Aerial-tek the TV Aerial used is a Digital MZR12 Aerial fitted onto a mast with chimney lashing kit a 2 way Labgear masthead splitter and 2 cables all fully fitted for £100.00 complete, due to the good reception from Altrincham 4 rooms can be easily fed from the one TV Aerial. Only real problems with Altrincham are the trees if you are experincing problems or you after a new Digital TV Aerial for Freeview, Youview, EE OR BT Vision then get in touch.


Digital TV Aerial reception in Darwen

Darwen is approx 9 miles from the main North West transmitter of Winter Hill, although it is very close approx half of Darwen cant recieve the signal for Frevview from Winter Hill. Hoddlesden transmitter which is located on the east side of the valley of Darwen does allow a Digital TV Aerial signal but this is a Freeview Lite service with only 3 Muxs with a shorter list of channels, here is an example of a relay station tv aerial installation the tv aerial is vertically mounted as are most relay transmitters this is to stop interference from any main transmitter which are horizontally mounted.

If you are after Freeview, Youview, EE tv or Bt Vision or you want to opt to more channels from Freesat and require a dish installation then give me a call.



Ashton Under Lyne is located east of manchester and is approx 17 miles from the transmitter of Winter Hill, with Ashtons elevated location reception for Digital TV through a TV Aerial is in most cases excellent, here is an example of our work for a single room tv aerial installation for a You View set top box, using a quality mzr 12 Digital TV Aerial, all television aerials are mounted on chimneys using  lashing kits, All fully fitted for 1 room for £75.00 complete, I pride myself in offering quality workmanship at the right price.

 If you are after Freeview, Yoview, EE TV or BT Vision look no further.



Hyde is located east of manchester and is approx 19 miles from the transmitter of Winter Hill, with hydes elevated location reception for Digital TV through a TV Aerial is in most cases excellent, here is an example of our work for a 2 room tv aerial installation for a You View set top box and a Freeview television in the kitchen, using a quality mzr 12 Digital TV Aerial and Labgear Digital splitter allowing up to 4 rooms from the one TV Aerial, all television aerials are mounted on chimneys using  lashing kits or heavy duty wall brackets and swan neck brackets as pictured here, All fully fitted for 2 rooms for £100.00 complete, I pride myself in offering quality workmanship at the right price.

 If you are after Freeview, Yoview, EE TV or BT Vision look no further.



Here is an example of a TV Aerial fitted by me today in Culcheth on the outskirts of Warrington.

Culcheth is generally good for reception from Winter Hill with multipoint outlets this is a typical 2 room Digital Television Aerial Installation completeley fitted for £100.00.

For all your Digital requirements for Freeview, Sky or Freesat look no further.


Sale on the outskirts of Manchester is genrally very good for recption from Winter Hill here is an example of a single point tv aerial installation carried out by Aerialtek today.

 With reception as good as this mulipoint TV Aerial installations with 2 or 4 points from the same Television Aerial without need for Amplifiers.

Digital tv aerial installations in Warrington

Here is an example of a job done by Aerial-Tek today in Warrington this is a complete installation for £75.00 complete, the TV Aerial used is an MZR12 Type aerial with excellent gain for such a compact tv aerial.


Many times we go out to jobs where water has got into the cable and ended up coming out into the customers tv or recorder this is a job we came across today the installation is only 2 yrs old and this is exactly what has happened,


Middlewich in Cheshire is usually Great for Freeview reception from Winter Hill with multi point installation from the one TV Aerial without the use of amplifiers, here is a job carried out by us today just a simple mzr12 quality tv aerial and a labgear 2 way masthead splitter, if for any reason we have problems the masthead splitter can be replaced with a masthead amplifier instead.


 Would like to wish everyone all the best for 2016


Here at Aerial-Tek we have been carrying out installations for weather stations fitted on peoples homes for personal use many connected to weatherunderground allowing you to see precise weather information in your locality.

 If you have purchased one and require it mounting on a chimney above your roofline then get in touch.

Here are a couple of stations we have done

Goto Weatherunderground

For Radcliffe Search IGREATER60

For Bolton Search IBOLTON13

For Preston Search INEWLONG2