Aerial-Tek Coverage and services

Aerial-Tek Coverage and services


Aerial-tek is the North West leading TV Aerial & Satellite installer.

We cover the North West of England including Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Tameside and Cheshire on a Daily basis.

We are probably the only company in this region that offers a fixed price quotation service over the phone, with my 25 yrs in the business I know all the areas and all the problems associated with them, if i miss quote you which does happen on the odd occasion its me that foots the bill.

Our Digital TV Aerial installations for a single room from new for £75.00 complete all on chimney lashing mounts or wall brackets if needed if no chimney, i don t fit to wooden or plastic soffits  due to the damage that causes. For multiroom installations a 2 room typical installation is £100. 00 complete 3 rooms £130.00 complete and 4 rooms £160.00 complete have a look at my website by following these links for more info.

For Bt Vision boxes we always recommend having a new TV Aerial due to the weak tuners in the boxes and these are prone to break up on the old type of grouped Tv Aerial. For You View TV Aerial fitting much the same problem as a the boxes are clones of each other. There are now services such as EE Television that also require an aerial connection. 

New Builds usually come pre-wired to the loft or other area here we fit a new Digital TV Aerial to a splitter or amplifier to distribute to all points, sometimes we can fit the aerial in the loft so no blemish to your new home although this can depend on many factors such as construction of home and line of sight to the transmitter get in touch for more info.

The main transmitter for the North West region is winter hill located on the outskirts of Bolton this is a very High powered transmitter that covers as far south as Stoke on Trent to the pennines of sadlleworth area as far North as Clitheroe and all the West coast, however with Lancashire area being hilly there are a lot of no coverage areas from Winter Hill these are then served by local relay stations offering a Freeview Lite service if in doubt have a look at my website or get in touch.

For Freesat services and installs we offer a fixed price installation of dishes with single cable options or twin cable for Freesat recorders or if you do live in a poor Tv Aerial area why not go for Freesat in all rooms for more info on channels and pricings follow this link to my website.

Sky installations are no mostly carried out by Sky themselves but the main issues is Sky engineers will follow the strict Health and Safety but sometimes its a good get out clause for them, if you want your Sky satellite dish installing in a more difficult place such as chimney etc or Sky said there is a no line of sight i can help 99% there is always a way to get a signal follow this link for more info.

Sky or Aerial distribution around the home is another service we can offer you, such as feeding the one Sky or Virgin box around the home without the need for extra box subscriptions, allowing you to go to bed or sit in another room and have full control over your main

TV Installation can be carried out by us from simple supply and fit of bracket to hidden cables in walls, most people look at this as a daunting task so give us a call we can help.

If its Networking you are after using cat5 etc or hdmi distribution around the home we can do this for you also TV is changing so quickly at the moment with loads more on the Horizon.

Smart TV help we are finding that a lot of customers are now buying Smart tvs without understanding what this actually means, the smart side means it connects to the internet via wifi or lan connection allowing online services such as netfilx you tube etc however the tv does still need a television aerial for live services.

High Definition Televisions, a lot of people do get confused if a tv says its hd ready then it can receive hd channels this is not the case it means it is capable of displaying hd pictures from a source, you need to look for the Freeview HD logo that means it has a tuner on board for Hd.

4G Interference is also another problem at the moment this is caused by a nearby mobile mast transmitting on channel 60 this is very close to a tv transmitting frequency of channel 59 so there can be an overlap and this can cause break up mainly on the ITV channels that are on that frequency a simple filter may work but all new Television Aerials we use have 4g filters built in so in most cases this will eliminate that problem.

For any other requirements you are after regarding  television reception or distribution feel free to get in touch all the information is on my website.

Our coverage areas are.