TV Aerial & Satellite Stockport

TV Aerial & Satellite Stockport

TV Aerial & Satellite Stockport

If you are looking for a TV Aerial fitter in the Stockport area you have arrived at the Number one company offering fixed price Digital TV Aerial installation.

Welcome to Aerial-Tek offering a first class TV Aerial and Satellite installation without the hidden extras i offer fixed price quotations over the phone and will not be beaten for like to like installations all m work is on my website with examples of what you get for your money take to time to have a look before you make your decision.

All Freeview, Youview, BT Vision and EE require a Digital TV Aerial for there live services.

Stockport is approx 20 miles from the transmitter site of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton, when it comes to tuning your television we recommend you do this manually by doing this you will eliminate interference from wales etc, to tun manually first of all remove the tv aerial from television and do an auto tune once this is done your tv will have no memory stored, now follow the manual tune of your tv and tune in the following frequencies, HD  CH 31, 54,    DTV  49,50,55,58,59 job done no wales.

Digital TV aerial installation for 1 room complete is £75.00 complete using a quality mzr 12 Digital TV Aerial on heavy duty chimney or wall bracket pole plus new downlead head over to my website for more information.

Multiroom TV Aerial installation is again fixed price with a 2 room installation complete for £100.00 or a 3 room for £130.00 and 4 rooms for £160.00 if you need more signal then adding a 32 element aerial for an extra £20.00 is added, if signals are not very good where you live we can use masthead amplifiers instead of splitters upto 6 rooms from one tv aerial in a bad area. For more complex tv aerial installations feel free to get in touch.

For more complex Distribution around the home we can feed sky or virgin around to as many rooms as you require all from the one box eliminating extra subscriptions with facilities of turning over from the other rooms with Freeview fed around also, the new sky boxes have no rf in them and adding the io link will cure this.

Freesat dishes can be installed from more channels than on Freeview from simple installs to one room to more complex cabling with satellite in all rooms.


Sky installations although Sky does most of the installs these days there are many issues of dish location regarding health and safety or no line you know the experience so if you need help installing on chimney etc feel free to get in touch.

If you are in doubt about installing your new smart yourself or require it mounting to a wall we can do this for you as well from simple hanging tv to running cables into trunking or more complex channeling wall out and re-plastering.

For networking solutions around the home on cat5 or hdmi distribution it can all be carried out by Aerial-Tek.

Feel free to get in touch.


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