If you are after a TV Aerial for multirooms in the home then this can be done in a couple of different ways, if reception is good enough 2,4 or 6 way installations can be carried out off TV Aerials such as an MZR12 Aerial if reception is a bit lower then using a more powerfull Tv Aerial such as a UNIX 32 Element Aerial. However if you live in an area where reception is lower then substituting the Masthead Splitter for a Masthead Amplifier this will give you quality reception without the loss of an Aerial splitter, each leg of the Amplifier gains 25db instead of losing it, here is an example of a 32 Elememt TV Aerial using a 6 way Masthead Amplifier with 5 rooms from it.

  For multipoint TVAerial installations in the following areas feel free to get in touch.