TV Aerials & Satellite Skelmersdale

TV Aerials & Satellite Skelmersdale

TV Aerial & Satellite Skelmersdale

Welcome to Aerial-Tek covering the Skelmersdale area offering quality Digital TV Aerial & Satellite installations.

Skelmersdale is located approx 24 Miles from the Digital TV Transmitter of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton, your tuning frequencies from this transmitter are H.D. CH 31,54,   DTV 49,50,55,58,59 we always recommend that you manually tune your tv this will stop the interference from the welsh transmitter, easy to do remove tv aerial from television then do auto tune your tv will find no channels then insert tv aerial follow your manual tuning of tv and input the frequencies above.

Reception from Skelmersdale can be good to difficult for Winter Hill due to it being located behind a hill and reception as you get closer can be a challenge, if you are not sure get in touch and we can give you a more precise costing of aerial installation that will work,

Our services include,

Basic TV Aerial installation with a single room tv aerial install at £75.00 to a more powerful 32 element aerial fully installed for £95.00 complete follow this link for details on our website.

Multiroom TV Aerial installation for 2,3 or 4 rooms as standard prices £100.00 2 rooms, £120.00 3 rooms and £160.00 4 rooms add an extra £20.00 for a more powerful 32 element, if however you have difficulty where you are adding a masthead amplifier instead of masthead splitter gains an extra 25db.

Multiroom distribution from one Sky or cable tv allowing that box to be viewed in all rooms without the need of extra subscriptions and the facility of turning it over from the other room as well as distributing Freeview to all tvs.

Freesat installations are carried by Aerial-Tek as well with a straightforward dish installation to more complex wiring to more than the one room.

Sky dish installations tv link systems we do it all, if sky have been out and come up with the health and safety excuse or no line of sight we can help.

Television installation can be a daunting task for a lot of our customers if you wish us to hang your tv or install on a wall or more complex installs with hidden cables then get in touch.

If its networking you need or hdmi distribution over cat5 etc or cctv we can carry out all this for as well.

Aerial-tek offer a fixed price tv aerial fitting price quoted over the phone examples of my work or on my website for you to see, we fit tv aerials for Freeview, BT Vision, EE and Youview.

Thanks and get in touch Andy from Aerial-tek

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