TV Aerial and Satellite Radcliffe

TV Aerial and Satellite Radcliffe

TV Aerial and Satellite installations Radcliffe

Welcome to Aerial-tek the North West leading Installer/fitter for Digital TV Aerials and Satellites.

Radcliffe is approx 12 miles from the Digital TV Transmitter of Winter Hill located on the outskirts of Bolton.

Due to the close proximity to the Transmitter Digital TV Signals are at a premium and one quality TV Aerial is capable of feeding to more than one room without the need for amplifiers etc.

There are quite a few new housing estates appearing in Radcliffe at the moment such as the Hardys Gate off Dumers lane this estate comes pre-wired and all cables run up to the loft space a quality Digital TV Aerial can be mounted in the loft to keep the appearance of the house, we have done quite a few there now all with perfect signals.

Radcliffe uses the Winter Hill transmitter and your manual tuning frequencies are CH HD 31,54,   49,50,55,58,59 if you follow the manual tuning on your TV this will eliminate the other transmitters such as wales and Ramsbottom.

For FREESAT installations or Sky issues get in touch we will quite happily explain the best options for you.

If you need your television mounting on your wall we can install that for you also.

If its networking issues with cat5/cat6 or cctv we can help.

I have over 25 yrs in the Aerial industry and offer fixed price quotations over the phone have a look at my website for more information.

Any questions feel free to get in touch.

Andy 07534 524684

[email protected]

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