Television aerial fitted prices all prices are fully fitted and inclusive of 2 yr Warranty

S.A.C. MZR 12 £95.00 Complete
High quality Digital Aerial suitable for most Domestic Installations. Rugged reflectors and rear deflectors, with 'F' balun. Protected against LTE/4G

MZR 20 HIGH GAIN AERIAL£125.00 Complete

 High Gain TV Aerial for use in Multiroom or weak reception areas.

S.A.C. F.M. Omni Aerial £85.00 complete
S.A.C. FM omni Aerial. Easy installation with the use of F-Connectors
  • Element - 1
  • Frequency - 87.5~108Hz
  • Also Directional FM Aerials available

  • S.A.C. DAB omni Aerial. £85.00 fitted
  • Element - 1
  • Channel - 6-12
  • Frequency - 174~240MHz
  • Also available in 3 and 5 Element DAB Aerial

  • 1

    All TV Aerials are fitted on a chimney lashing kit or if going on gable end this will include a wall bracket and swan neck pole to see past the gutter, we do not fit to sofits or facia boards due to the damage that can be caused in bad weather. Examples of our work is shown on our home page. On new build properties we can fit an aerial in the loft this can depend on what your roof is made from and which way the aerial points relevant to an adjoining property etc.