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Starlink Installation Buxton

Starlink Installation Buxton.
Fixed price of £200.00
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Buxton Derbyshire.
Customer was just a week from moving in and had done some research on Internet at his new home but found out the offering from BT etc was not enough for his work needs as so had gone along with Starlink after a bit of assurance from us on the phone that it was a stable internet platform.
He ordered the equipment and we arranged an installation a week before he moved in so he would have working internet for work when he moved in. We installed the dish out of the way up on the chimney at the customers request to the chimney isn't active, speeds were up at 280mbs so very impressive and best we have seen.
We also set his wireless TP Link x50 mesh system up to give coverage around the property and even achieving 240mbs on the other side of house.
Very good setup and one very happy customer.
For more info or to book in an installation in Buxton or surrounding area feel free to get in touch.