Aerials can be fitted in lofts easpecially good for new builds after all why does the aerial have to be outside if it doesn't need to be. A few things govern whether or not it is possible to have a new tv aerial fitted to loft, if the aerial is only pointing through your roof and reception is good the loss from your roof is next to none but if the alignment to transmitter means there are obstacles in the way like next doors property then the signal will be reduced only the onsite visit by aerial-tek using meters could let you know what is possible. The example below is from a new housing estate in rawtenstall where the customer wanted his aerial inside even though reception from that estate is a struggle we use a masthead amplifier that gains upto 25db of signal and is suffiecent to feed 4 rooms without need for an electrical supply in the loft.

 If you wish for your tv aerial to be loft mounted feel free to contact me I can usually tell you from your address what will work and quote you a price, no hidden extras when we turn up.