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     Welcome to Aerial-Tek you have come across my website as you are probably in need of a TV Aerial Installation Elland.

     I have over 25 yrs experience in the business and prior to that 6 yrs Armed Forces my aim is to give you a honest and reliable service.

      I work with my partner who has been a couple of years she is very knowledgeable and always makes sure everything is as it was before we arrived. With Aerial-Tek being in so much demand i have now got 5 other engineers to help you out, Bob. Ethan, Phil, Dave and Tony all with many years in the industry, if you head over to engineers profiles all information is there. After all its nice to know who is turning up.

    With my many years experience I offer a fixed price installation without any hidden extras prices are fixed over the telephone, my pricing structure is listed on my TV Aerial page anything that you require a quote for please get in Touch. Thanks Andy.

             Your TV Aerial Installers Elland

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What does Digital Reception require?

Digital T.V. reception requires a set amount of signal typically between 45db min and 70 db max if the signal is outside this tolerance then your Freeview will break up or channels will be missing. In order to ensure that you will have trouble free viewing of Digital TV we use Digital Meters.

Elland with its close proximity to Emley Moor has reasonable signal,

Multiroom Installations can be carried out from one Aerial if done correctly Have a look at our Multiroom page for more info.

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Quality installations.

Above is images of our workmanship all installations are done using the highest quality eqpt all Aerials are C.A.I. approved for Digital reception. All installations are fitted on chimney lashing kits and wall brackets ( we don't fit to facia boards ). With installations to this quality we offer a 2 yr guarantee on any new Installation.

Customer Questions and Answers.......

Q   Are all TV Aerials Digital ?

A  There is no such thing as a Digital TV Aerial but all new Aerials are Wideband meaning they can pick up Digital signals on all frequencies.

Q   Is my old cable any good ?

A  New TV Aerial cable is shielded to stop interference sometimes if your cable is fed under a floor etc we can use this to stop any disruption to flooring etc.

Q   What price is a new Digital Aerial installation ?

A   Here at Aerial-Tek we offer a fixed price Aerial installation service, i have been doing this for 25 yrs so i can offer you a reasonable price with an excellent service and all quoted over the phone.

Q    Do i need a TV Aerial for BT VISION, YOU VIEW, EE or a Smart Television?

A   All these services require a connection to a TV Aerial for live freeview services although some content is streamed online.

Q   Whats the benefit of a bigger TV Aerial ?

A   Here at Aerial-Tek we will not install an Aerial with more gain than necessary as too much signal is as bad as not enough.

Q   How many connections can you take from one aerial ?

A   Here at Aerial-Tek we offer fixed price multiroom tv aerial installations, signals in the north west within 20 miles of Winter Hill are high enough to run upto 6 points depending on location etc.

Q   Will putting an Amplifier in make it any better ?

A  Many customers buy amplifiers that arent needed when reception deteriorates and make things worse you are just amplifying the problem if the signal is good coming in then you shouldn't have a problem.

Q  What is 4g interfence ?

A  Some mobile transmitters are on similar frequencies and cause disruption to television channels so if your tv aerial is new its worth doing a simple check by following this link its a free service and they will supply you a free 4g filter.

Q   What are the main TV Aerial faults ?

A   The main faults we encounter are Water Ingress, cracked or split cables, aerials out of alignment or general DIY failures.

   If you have any other questions feel free to contact Aerial-Tek we are here to help,

           Thanks Andy and Bee


If you have FREEVIEW, BT VISION, YOU VIEW OR EE as your television provider then you will require a Digital TV Aerial being fitted for fitting a new quality TV Aerial get in touch in order to receive their services, If you want FREESAT or SKY you will require a connection to a Satellite dish.


I offer a full repair service for the following Television Aerials, FM Aerials, Cable replacement, storm damaged tv aerials, faulty sockets, aerial points, broken coax cables, Freesat dish repairs,if your Television Aerial to be repaired Sky installations Satellite dish repairs new LNBs etc.


Smart Televisions can be more complicated setup than your conventional Tv if you are not the big fan of technical things, here at Aerial-Tek I can come out to setup your tv connect it to your TV Aerial or Satellite to ensure you have maximum Channels available and connect to your internet for online services.


I can install multipoint TV Network around your property allowing you to watch Digital Television around the home with Freeview in any room or if you have Sky we can distribute this around the home from the one box using TriLinks even a Virgin box can be distributed.


Have you recently bought a new television and require it mounting on the wall this can be a daunting task for some people, if you are unsure then get in touch I will quite happily give you a quote to install your tv on your wall and ensure that your TV Aerial, Satellite or Freesat is connected for you.


I spend a lot of my time doing Sky Satellite installations where Sky have been out and refused to do the work for various Health & Safety issues, trees in the way, chimney installations, flat roofs or sloping roofs the list can be endless if they wont do it for you I can,


If you have a New Build house they mainly come Pre-wired to the loft with TV Aerial sockets already in place in different rooms, if it is a new build bungalow then much the same however a flat is likely to connect to a Communal TV Aerial system.


We offer a complete design and installation of Cat5 systems and CCTV or any networking systems you require, wifi repeating systems etc.


My aim is to ensure you have the Digital services you require whether its a Digital TV Aerial for FREEVIEW, EE, BT VISION OR YOU VIEW, FREESAT INSTALLATION OR SKY or anything else in between, I aim to give you a first class service with thousands of satisfied customers in the North West. If you want a First class Aerial Fitting service look no further, for new installs and installers of Freesat and Sky Equiptment, supplied and fitted or suppliers of fixings cables or sockets etc get in touch.

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   So for TV Aerials Elland, Freesat or Sky Installation tv wall mounting, TV Aerial Installation Elland

 get in touch.